Ken Strickler

President and CEO

Value Delivered

Driven by Trautman & Shreve’s core values, Ken acts as a visionary guide for company leadership. He provides strategic insights and future-oriented perspectives, propelling the organization towards its long-term objectives.


Ken embarked on his journey at EMCOR Group companies in 2001.  

As Vice President of Hansen Mechanical, he led the charge on complex projects like sprawling seven-million-square-foot megaresorts, honing his leadership skills under pressure. 

Building on this foundation, he took the helm at Design Air as President, working to ensure seamless project delivery from conception to completion. 

Now, as President and CEO of Trautman & Shreve, Ken leverages his unparalleled understanding of client needs—from the delicate complexities of hospital systems to the seeming simplicity of a fan replacement—to help us deliver exceptional value in every project we undertake.

The Personal Side

Ken’s greatest passion is his family. They enjoy traveling, skiing, and golfing together.